Did you know there are federal laws governing the use of:

  • Literary works
  • Music & lyrics
  • Dramatic works
  • Pantomimes & choreographic works
  • Photographs, graphics, paintings, and sculptural works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  • Video games & computer software
  • Audio recordings
  • Architectural works
  • And more…

Not sure if you are working within the law? Check out these info sheets to make sure.

Use these sites to find images & sound for lessons and/or presentations

Royalty-Free-Music-Room – all the free, downloadable MP3 files in this site are in the public domain. Students can use the files for any project without worrying about copyright infringement.

Sound Jay offers hundreds of MP3 and WAF files. All sounds and songs here are free to use under the condition that users link back to and cite http://www.soundjay.com and do not post sounds for others to download.

Links below were gathered by Joyce Valenza, the teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School, technology writer, and blogger:

Guide to Copyright-friendly media – links to sites that allow use of a variety of images; read carefully for terms of use

Copyright friendly music & sounds – links to sites that allow use of a variety of audio; read carefully for terms of use


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